Alternative Home Buying | How it Works | Cavalry Homes

We want to help you get into your dream home in the neighborhood you love.

Alternative Home Buying | How it Works | Cavalry Homes
We want to help you get into your dream home in the neighborhood you love.
Alternative Home Ownership | How it Works | Cavalry Homes

About the Program

A wide selection of homes fit the Cavalry Homes business model so you can work with the real estate agents and mortgage lenders of your choice. Upon approval, you will be accepted into the program and Cavalry Homes will purchase the home you have selected. With a competitive Lease and Right to Purchase in place, you are one step closer to home ownership.

The Math/Econ Model

At closing the Client will provide 5% of the total purchase price of the home to be held in escrow as the Client’s Right to Purchase Option.

The Client provides one month’s rent as a Security Deposit on the Lease.

During the course of the Lease the Client makes regular, on-time monthly payments via direct deposits.

On the yearly anniversary of the Lease, both the Right to Purchase Price and lease rate increase.

Once the Client is ready, they execute their Right to Purchase Option, move to close on the home and the 5% Purchase Option Consideration and Security Deposit are returned to the Client.

Rent Calculator

Calculate the estimated monthly rent for Cavalry Capital.

The Process

Here are the steps from beginning to end with Cavalry Homes.

Alternative Home Ownership | The Process | Cavalry Homes
Alternative Home Ownership | The Process | Cavalry Homes

Key Considerations

  • The Right to Purchase Price may be higher or lower than the value of the home
  • Cavalry Homes is not a mortgage company, does not have any obligation to provide or arrange a mortgage loan and cannot guarantee that a resident will be able to obtain a mortgage loan
  • The Client may not be able to exercise their Right to Purchase Option because he or she may not qualify for a mortgage loan from a third party lender

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Term of The Lease?
Each Lease is a 12 month lease with four additional 12 month options to renew.
What Happens When My Lease Is Set to Expire?
Vacate or Renew: Tenant provides 60 days written notice prior to the leases expiration date with their intentions.

Exercise Right to Purchase Option: Tenant/Buyer provides 30 days written notice any time after the first 12 month lease period of their intention to exercise the Purchase Option.

What Happens To My Security Deposit When...
Vacate: Security Deposit is utilized by Landlord to fix issues or damages caused by tenant while occupying the home. Any excess Security Deposit will be returned to Tenant.

Break the Lease Term: Landlord retains the entire Security Deposit.

Exercise Right to Purchase Option: Landlord returns entire Security Deposit back to Tenant/Buyer.

What Is The Right to Purchase Option?
The Right to Purchase Option allows the client to purchase the home at a predetermined price when they choose to exercise their option.
How Much Is The Purchase Option Consideration?
5% of the total purchased value of the home.

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Alternative Home Ownership | Cavalry Homes | How it Works